The 9th Munetsugu Angel Violin Competition


1st Prize
Miyu Kitsuwa
2nd Prize
Youjin Lee
Georgii Moroz
4th Prize
Yukari Ohno
5th Prize
Jiyoon Lee
Chubu Philharmonic Orchestra Prize
Miyu Kitsuwa
Audience Prize
Miyu Kitsuwa

Those selected for the Final Round and its order of performanc

  • No.  3 Miyu Kitsuwa
  • No.  8 Youjin Lee
  • No.11 Jiyoon Lee
  • No.14 Georgii Moroz
  • No.16 Yukari Ohno

Final Round / Mar 25th, 2023

No. Candidates Performance
1 Youjin Lee
Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in e, Op.64
2 Georgii Moroz
Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in e, Op.64
Pause 20min.
3 Miyu Kitsuwa
Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D, Op.35
4 Jiyoon Lee
Brahms: Violin Concerto in D, Op.77
Pause 15min.
5 Yukari Ohno
Brahms: Violin Concerto in D, Op.77

The order of performance
in the second round

2nd Round 1 / Mar 22nd, 2023

No. Candidates Performance
1 Kaori Furusawa 00:00-00:00
2 Hsuan-Hao Hsu 00:00-00:00
Break 60min.
3 Miyu Kitsuwa 00:00-00:00
4 Emily Shehi 00:00-00:00
Break 20min.
5 Yeyeong Jin 00:00-00:00
6 Dongyoung Jake Shim 00:00-00:00
Break 20min.
7 Zhang Zou 00:00-00:00
8 Youjin Lee 00:00-00:00

2nd Round 2 / Mar 23rd, 2023

No. Candidates Performance
9 Miu Hirai 00:00-00:00
10 Sungmin Cho 00:00-00:00
Break 60min.
11 Jiyoon Lee 00:00-00:00
12 Rok Zaletel Cernos 00:00-00:00
Break 20min.
13 Jinyoung Yoon 00:00-00:00
14 Georgii Moroz 00:00-00:00
Break 20min.
15 Natsuho Murata 00:00-00:00
16 Yukari Ohno 00:00-00:00

An email is to be sent from our competition office to each passer.
(Included information: submission of repertoires for the 2nd preliminary and the final round, etc.)

Those selected for the 1st Round

(In no particular order)

  • Miyu KitsuwaJapan
  • Yuri GodaJapan
  • Kaori FurusawaJapan
  • Noelle NaitoUnited States of America
  • Hanae YakuroJapan
  • Oukalin YinChina
  • Yukari OhnoJapan
  • Emily ShehiUnited States of America
  • Dongyoung Jake ShimKorea
  • Natsuho MurataJapan
  • Zhang ZouChina
  • Sungmin ChoKorea
  • Jieun SonKorea
  • Vilmos CsikosBelgium
  • Wonbeen ChungKorea
  • Hyunseo ChoKorea
  • Yeyeong JinKorea
  • Suet Yin Athena ShiuHong Kong
  • Akari KajitaniJapan
  • Sungmin ChoiKorea
  • Kaho TakemotoJapan
  • Jiyoung JangKorea
  • Jiaqi LuChina
  • Jinyoung YoonKorea
  • Hsuan-Hao HsuTaiwan
  • Ririko NoborisakaJapan
  • Jiyoon LeeKorea
  • Alice Haekyo Lee Canada
  • Reika SakamotoJapan
  • Jisoo AhnKorea
  • Georgii MorozUkraine
  • Anna SuzukiAustralia
  • Miu HiraiJapan
  • Emiri KakiuchiJapan
  • Rok Zaletel CernosSlovenia
  • Kae TanimuraJapan
  • Gina Keiko Friesicke Germany
  • Claire Ahe Arias-KimUnited States of America
  • Youjin LeeKorea
  • Kaoruko YoshidaJapan

Those candidates who passed the Preliminary Selection will be receiving an e-mail from the Competition Office shortly regarding the next procedure.


The Competition is open to candidates of all nationalities of age under 28 on January 1st, 2023.
Previous prize-winners, including the 1st-prize winners are also eligible.

Competition Timeline

Sep 20 (Tue), 2022
Commencement of online application
Dec 1 (Fri), 2022
Deadline for application with sound-recording of performance (Deadline for payment of recording-judgement fee)
Dec 26 (Mon), 2022
Result of recording-judgement, & Official start to accept movies for the 1st preliminary
Jan 10(Tue), 2023
Deadline for submission of a movie for the 1st preliminary
Feb 10 (Fri), 2023
Result of movie-judgement of the 1st preliminary (16 applicants will pass.)
Feb 20 (Mon), 2023
Deadline for entry
Mar 21 (Tue), 2023
Mar 22 (Wed), 2023
2nd preliminary, 1st day * 8 applicants will perform.
Mar 23 (Thu), 2023
2nd preliminary, 2nd day * 8 applicants will perform, & Announcement of a list of passers to the final competition
Mar 24 (Fri), 2023
Rehearsal for the final competition (with the orchestra)
Mar 25 (Sat), 2023
The final competition, Prize-giving ceremony, & Instrument-lending ceremony

Venue: Munetsugu Hall (4-5-14, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City)
Orchestra: Chubu Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Daisuke Soga

How to Apply

  1. On our official website (, fill in the competition application form, and upload it with the applicant’s artist photo data (front photo of the upper body, clear, high quality image, approx. 1MB – 3MB so as to be applicable for brochures and/or flyers).
  2. Onto our official website, upload sound-recording data of your performance of the repertoire (WAV or MP3 format). If such uploading onto the web is difficult for you, send a CD of the recording to the competition office in Tokyo by the application deadline (Make sure to write clearly on the disk the applicant’s fullname, title of repertoire, date and place of recording). Any data should be of recording within 6 months before application.

    • ※ Only data format of WAV or MP3 is acceptable. If disk data, only CD format is acceptable. Please be sure that any other format of data or recording media (eg. DVD, MD(MiniDisc)) will not be accepted.
    • ※ Any applicant that has been awarded in this competition before will be excused from the preliminary selection (also exempted from the premilinary selection fee.)

    <Send a recorded CD to>

    The Munetsugu Angel Violin Competition Tokyo Office
    c/o Concert Office Alte Inc.
    401-5-29-7, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051, Japan
    Tel: +81-3-3352-7310 Fax: +81-3-3352-1665 Mail:

    Be aware that a recorded CD once submitted will not be returned to the submitter.

    Note: Application deadline is the 2nd of December, 2022. (Submission of ① and ② is required.)
    After the preliminary selection, about 40 applicants are able to participate in the first round. The result of the preliminary selection will be announced on the 26th of December, 2022.

  3. The first round will be judged with movie of performance.
    Videotape your performance of the specified repertoire for the first round, upload the movie onto YouTube as a limitedly open link.
    Details on how to submit the movie link on YouTube will be delivered to you by email if/after you pass the (recording) preliminary selection.
    Please be careful to submit a movie link information basically after the preliminary selection result is announced, between the 26th of December, 2022 and the 10th of January, 2023.

Application formEntry has closed.


  1. The Preliminary Selection Fee of 12,000JPY must be paid by the 2nd of December, 2022.
    The payment will be accepted only by Paypal (by credit card).
  2. The Entry Fee (First Round~Final Round) of 23,000JPY must be paid after the announcement of the result of the Preliminary Selection between December 26th 2022 and January 10th, 2023.
    * You must pay the processing fee about Bank transfer.

Method of Payment:

  • - Paypal ( - Credit Card )

Details on how to pay will be delivered to you by auto-delivered confirmation email after the form registration is completed.

The Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. Upon confirmation of the receipt of the Fees, the Competition Office will send you necessary documents.


  1. Incomplete Application Form and forms and recording data received by the Competition Office after the deadline will not be accepted.
  2. Failure to pay the Fees by set dates will be automatically interpreted as the applicant’s withdrawal from the competition.
  3. The order of the candidate’s performance will be decided by the Competition Office, and any request for the change in order will not be accepted.
    One day before the second round, on the 21st of March 2023, the overall guidance will be given in Munetsugu Hall. The exact starting time will be announced directly to the second round participants after the first round.
    16 participants for the second round should come to the counter on the ground floor of Munetsugu Hall to confirm their application for the second round by the specified time.

    For the second round and the final, participants should come the specified place by the specified time.)
    Failure to do so without due cause will lead to disqualification.
  4. The candidate must bring his/her own accompanist. Any expense incurred must be borne by the candidate. The Competition Office will, if required, introduce the competition’s official accompanists in Nagoya during the period of the Competition. The candidates requiring pianist introduction must apply to the Competition Office, using the application form included with the announcement of the Preliminary Selection Result.
    *If you choose to perform with the official accompanist, there will be a charge of 27,500JPY which must be paid in cash to the competition office (hall / 1F) during the competition.
  5. The Munetsugu Angel Violin Competition has unrestricted rights to broadcast or televise, publicly perform or present, record or video-record, publish and portray any part of the candidate’s and the accompanist’s participation in the Competition, including but not limited to, rehearsals and performances during the Competition, as well as ceremonies and other related events.
  6. For those overseas candidates who qualified to participate in the Competition, a travel grant according to the Competition Regulation will be provided to assist their travel expenses (40,000JPY for candidates from Asian countries, and 80,000JPY for candidates from other region). The grant will be paid at the Registration Meeting on March 21th, 2023.


  • Pierre Amoyal – Chairman
  • Gérard Poulet
  • Qian Zhou
  • Koichiro Harada
  • Kimiko Nakazawa
  • Machie Oguri
  • Kazuki Sawa


  1. A jury member shall not take part in the adjudication of a candidate who received tuition from the jury member for more than 3 months within the past 2 years.
  2. A candidate must not be in direct personal contact with any member of the jury while he/she remains a “candidate”. Such contact will lead to the disqualification of both the candidate and the jury member.
  3. The decision of the Jury is final, and may not be challenged under any circumstances.
  4. The adjudication of the Preliminary Round shall be carried out by Japanese jury members only.


- Once submitted, the program cannot be changed.
- All programs, except the sonata in the Second Round, must be performed from memory.

Preliminary Selection
(WAV or MP3 audio file to be uploaded)

  1. One from the following:
    • A. J.S. Bach: Solo Violin Sonata No.1 BWV. 1001 – Siciliano and Presto
    • B. J.S. Bach: Solo Violin Sonata No.2 BWV.1003 – Andante and Allegro
    • C. J.S. Bach: Solo Violin Sonata No.3 BWV.1005 – Largo and Allegro assai
  2. One from the following:
    • A. Ysaÿe: Solo Violin Sonata No.3 Op.27-3
    • B. Ysaÿe: Solo Violin Sonata No.6 Op.27-6

First Round
(Uploading of video data/on Youtube)

  1. One from the following:
    • A. J.S. Bach: Solo Violin Sonata No.1 BWV. 1001 – Fuga
    • B. J.S. Bach: Solo Violin Sonata No.2 BWV.1003 – Fuga
    • C. J.S. Bach: Solo Violin Sonata No.3 BWV.1005 – Fuga
  2. One from the following:
    • A. Ysaÿe: Solo Violin Sonata No.3 Op.27-3
    • B. Ysaÿe: Solo Violin Sonata No.4 Op.27-4
    • C. Ysaÿe: Solo Violin Sonata No.6 Op.27-6

Second Round
(Munetsugu-hall/Nagoya, Aichi, Japan)

  1. Mozart: Rondo in C, K.373
  2. One complete work from the following:
    • Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Violin No.1 in D, Op.12 -1
    • Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Violin No.2 in A, Op.12 -2
    • Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Violin No.3 in Eb, Op.12-3
    • Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Violin No.4 in a, Op.23
    • Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Violin No.5 in F, Op.24
    • Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Violin No.6 in A, Op.30-1
    • Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Violin No.8 in G, Op.30-3
    • Brahms: Sonata for Violin and Piano No.2 in A, Op.100
    • Brahms: Sonata for Violin and Piano No.3 in d, Op.108
    • Debussy: Sonata for Violin and Piano
    • Poulenc: Sonata for Violin and Piano
    • Schubert: Sonata for Violin and Piano in A, Op.162, D.574
    • Schumann: Sonata for Piano and Violin No.1 in a, Op.105
  3. One or more virtuoso piece/pieces of your choice for violin solo or for violin and piano (total performance time of 8 - 12 minutes)

Final Round

One complete concerto (with cadenza of your choice) from the following:

  • Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D, Op.61
  • Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in e, Op.64
  • Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D, Op.35
  • Brahms: Violin Concerto in D, Op.77

* Final Round [Concerto]
Orchestra: Chubu Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Daisuke Soga


The prize instruments are loaned to the winners free of charge until February 2026.

1st Prize
Antonio Stradivarius Violin “Rainville” (1697) and 2,000,000JPY
2nd Prize
Michele Angelo Bergonzi Violin “Ex. Mintz” (1964) and 1,000,000JPY
3rd Prize
Giovanni Francesco Pressenda Violin (1840) and 500,000JPY
4th Prize
Nicolo Gagliano Violin (1765) and 300,000JPY
5th Prize
Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume (1840-1845) and 300,000JPY
Orchestra Prize,
Audience Prize

Additional Awards (for 1st – 5th Prize Winners)

  1. If 1st – 5th Prize winners present their own concert (recital or chamber music) within 2 years of the Competition in which they won the prize, the NPO Yellow Angel will provide financial assistance of 20,000JPY to one such concert (application required), provided that “Supported by NPO Yellow Angel” is clearly marked on the flyers and program booklets.
  2. If 1st – 5th Prize winners wish to attend competitions/seminars overseas, the NPO Yellow Angel will provide financial assistance according to the Foundation’s set regulations.
  3. If the previous 1st-Prize winner is awarded the 1st Prize again consecutively, the loan period of Antonio Stradivarius Violin “Rainville” (1697) will be extended to 5 years.

※ A prize-winners’ commemorative gala concert, that has been hold regularly near the end of March about one year after the competition in Tokyo and Nagoya (Munetsugu Hall), where prize winners perform as part of their privileges, is not presently scheduled.

Application formEntry has closed.